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Are you looking for an authentic and genuine online experience? You are in the right place. ELTA Virtual University offers you a golden opportunity to discover the best version of yourself through rich, profound, and intensive courses to excel in your career.

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ELTA Virtual University offers fully accredited Professional Programmes & Courses that meet the highest standards of quality. Want to know more? Check all our certification courses and programmes.


We know you are looking for an expert advice and a rigorous training to become certified and undertake and excel in your career. At ELTA-VU we have been training thousands of professionals from all over the world.


ELTA-VU offers to you a solid experience in the Training Industry comprising more than 10 domains as an international educational institution. Our certification programmes are very distinguished, and reflect our status as a CPD Provider.


All our Certifications prepare you for a job with both national and international employers including competitive internships in reputable institutions. ELTA-VU is your qualification gate to an international career.

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Certification Programmes and Professional Development for the Global Professionals

Features of Our Courses

Why Study with Us?

For both students, and professionals, you will be part of an international team, and get the chance to learn practical (on the job) skills. You will be receiving intensive support from experienced teachers and mentors.

You will be trained in a highly supportive environment and develop the rigour, professional knowledge, understanding, and theĀ  skills necessary for the delivery of a creative, purposeful and a challenging job.

You will be assigned a subject mentor who will work alongside you on a day-to-day basis. Mentors are highly skilled in coaching, effective classroom observation and providing accurate and timely feedback.

Our Practical Training Programmes will also be overseen by an experienced Teaching & Learning Coordinator who will act as the link between our university and the organism where you will perform your practice. In addition we ensure that you have access to a comprehensive professional development programme throughout the course including key training sessions ranging from behaviour management to collaborative learning strategies.

The university will also provide a subject mentor who will check on you at key points during your training to discuss your progress towards the professional standards of your area of specialisation. You will have a Professional Tutor, a university colleague who will support each aspect of your training and liaise on your behalf.

You will also work closely with a different group of professionals on a short placement at a contrasting organism. This will provide you with the opportunity to experience further professional opportunities which could include working with a different key stage, or different groups of students/professionals in any area of interest you would like to conduct your training in.

What Do We Offer?

Specialist staff in all our curriculum areas

Professional Staff

All programmes classes are supported by experienced and professional teachers and academicians.

Continuing Professional Development

A full programme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) at all course/career stages

Coaching & Mentoring

Our students are supported by professional mentors and coaches who follow on their progress on daily basis.


Strong Partnership with: Ministry of Education -Turkey. Learning and Training Solutions Academy -United States. CPD Group UK.


All our students will have access to unlimited number of materials and learning aids to support their researches.

Internship Opportunities

All our students may benefit from an unpaid internship at the ELTA-VU or at one of our Partners' Divisions.


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