ELT Course For Future Teachers

ELTA Virtual University’s English Language Teaching Course is the key ingredient to the improvement of those looking to make the best version of themselves as teachers. Our students, through the whole programme cycle with international ELT experts, will learn and get answers to all the questions that may come to their minds about the secrets of teaching/learning.

We approach your audit with a deep understanding

We approach your audit with a deep understanding

We approach your audit with a deep understanding

Our Team

Our team consists of many young, qualified, experienced & knowledgeable ELT professionals from different backgrounds & nationalities. They specialise in a variety of areas such as exam preparation, business and professionally oriented English, and young learners. This variety of backgrounds helps us cater TEFL/TESOL programmes to meet the interests of each student.

Our Method

School Direct is our training route that allows you to work and study within a school while studying towards a postgraduate qualification (PGCE) degree and Qualified Teacher Status. School Direct is a school-led route into initial teacher training (ITT). It is run by a partnership between ELTA-VU as an accredited teacher training provider and other schools.

What is ELT Course for Future Teachers?

Are you a student who is interested to become a teacher? or are you a teacher who has been teaching for less than six months and you want to excel in your profession? ELTA Virtual University is offering you a golden opportunity. Our students, through 8 Modules, 4 Sessions per Module, 2 Sessions per week, in addition to different assignments, will learn and get answers to all the questions that may come to their mind about the secrets of a successful teacher. Moreover, they will have the possibility to experience teaching with real learners via an online teaching internship at a reputable international secondary/high school.

Enhance your teaching expertise

Go beyond check-the-box compliance training and experience the ELTA’s most engaging and authentic courses. With cinematic video scenarios, integrated expert Q&A, and a focus on practical guidance for you to be a better teacher. ELTA courses are designed to change behaviour.

Who this course is for?

BA and MA students who are willing to start their career in teaching, novice teachers, and new professionals who are willing to switch and embark the world of English Language Teaching.

Why taking this course?

As a student at ELTA Virtual University, you’ll be part of a team from the very start, receiving intensive support from experienced teachers and mentors. That means you won’t be teaching classes unsupported until the school thinks you’re ready. You will be trained in a highly supportive environment and develop the rigour, professional knowledge, understanding and skills necessary for the delivery of creative, purposeful and challenging teaching and learning.

You will be assigned a subject mentor within the school who will work alongside you on a day-to-day basis. Mentors are highly skilled in coaching, effective classroom observation and providing accurate and timely feedback.

The training programme in school will also be overseen by an experienced Teaching & Learning Coordinator who will act as the link between the university and school, as well as ensuring that you have access to a comprehensive professional development programme throughout the programme including key training sessions ranging from behaviour management to collaborative learning strategies.

You will be working with a close-knit and supportive team, committed to improving and developing teaching and learning. You will have access to all the relevant departmental and university resources as well as being provided with a training to enable you to make full use of the brilliant IT systems and facilities we have here at ELTA Virtual University.

What benefits does our programme offer?

  • Specialist staff in all curriculum areas.
  • Outstanding classroom practitioners and lead practitioners.
  • A full programme of Continuing Porfessional Development (CPD) at all career stages.
  • Experienced ITT (Initial teacher training).
  • Strong partnership with LETS Academy & Service Management University and Hendek Atike Hanım Anatolian international high school.
  • Access to wide range of premium learning platforms.
  • Access to Premium LinkedIn Learning Programmes.
  • Online Teaching Internship at one of our internationally recognised schools in Turkey.
  • Professional Teaching Diploma with a full CPD accreditation from CPD Group UK.
  • Professional Digital Badge with approved credentials from CPD Qualification Standards UK.
  • Up to 30 ECTS Credits approved from the Service Management University USA.
  • International Student Identity Card (ISIC & 123ID).
  • Free internship at one of the ELTA Departments or its partners.