Human Resources Management

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We approach your audit with a deep understanding

We approach your audit with a deep understanding

We approach your audit with a deep understanding

Why Taking this Course?

This human resource management course will teach you about hiring, training, and motivating staff effectively. Human Resource departments (HR) exists to create productive relationships between employees and the organisation that they work for. Effective HR management is essential to the success of any organisation, making HR managers extremely important. Improve your HR management abilities today with this free online course.

Is this a Diploma Programme?

ELTA Virtual University offers fully accredited Professional Programmes & Courses that meet the highest standards of quality. The Successful candidate has to complete the 5-7 Week coursework consisting of assignments, quizzes, projects, tasks, and final exam/presentation at a grade of 70% or higher in order to receive the Programme Diploma. Candidates will also receive professional Credits & a Digital Badge with Approved Credentials.

Why to take this course?

The course will teach you why diversity and multiculturalism are important to the success of an organisation as well as discuss the goals of a compensation plan. You will then learn the kinds of tests, types of interviews, and interview questions which will help you during any recruitement & selection process. The course will also explain the steps involved when training an employee and the types of training that can be offered within an organisation. The course will focus on the instrumental role that training and development plays in the performance, motivation and retention of employees. The course also discusses the importance of performance appraisals and how HR professioanls can manage poor employees performance. You will also learn why & how organisational cultures and strategies can have a big impact on change processes within large and small businesses.


1- Introduction to HR Management

2- Recruitement & Selection Process

3- Training & Development

4- Managing Employee performance

5- Organisational Culture

6- Managing employee motivation

7- Managing employee Retention

8- Effective Employee Communication

9- Legal and country-related processes


1- Recognise the key skills and responsibilities of a human resource manager.

2- Explain general recruitement, selection,training, and appraisal processes

3- Outline how employee separation and termination can occur.

4- Examine how to manage and retain employees effectively.

5- Demonstrate a general awareness of how culture influences how an organisation operates.

6- Identify strategies for managing the process of change within an organisation.